AR-15 Accessories
February 25, 2013 — 4:10

1/11/2012 2:07:25 PM Thanks for all the info! My last name is Yonkers, not from Yonkers, NY. I like the idea of Stag having lifetime warentees. Do any others like Colt carry this? I really am leaning towards buying a compete gun even if it is a little bit more for the first one. I already know this will not be the onlyAR-15 Accessories in the lineup and I would like to get a complete one first, learn the shooting and cleaning of it then for following ones do them as builds. Where online do you guys generally recommend getting your guns ordered from? Looking to buy one in a couple months not quite ready yet. I also recalled when I was doing some of my research and reading a few months ago finding a place that shipped them with a nice red dot optic for like $400 extra but can not find where this was to look at the brand / models ofAR-15 Accessories this was offered on. Thought it was a sponsor out here but can’t seem to find it today. MjolnirActual