Magpul AFG
June 18, 2013 — 2:14

2/14/2012 10:16:30 PM The Magpul AFG makes sense if you hold the weapon in the manner the Magpul guys teach in their carbine courses. If you don’t shoot that way, you probably won’t like them. Personally, I have no issues with the Magpul AFG . tothemax

Grip Pod Double Light Rail Module: MSP Scope Mounts
June 10, 2013 — 15:42

I have been looking for a solution like this for some time. I have seen some to the other bi-pod VFGs out there and this is by far the best. The Grip Pod is extremely solid, clears a 30 round mag, is light weight and functions round after round. I have a ton of AR accessories that sit in a box in my closet. This is not one of them I run it and run it hard. I highly recommend it!

Red Dot Sights
June 6, 2013 — 3:11

4/8/2012 11:49:09 PM Quick update on the 107CR. Decided to go with Texas Weapon System. After a bit of a wait, it arrived. Great quality and works exactly the way I’d hoped it would. Looks good, holds zero, relatively easy install (I had to grind one part slightly to make it fit – total install about 20 minutes). At any rate, big thumbs up – wanted something for a simple Red Dot Sight that didn’t involve quad rails and lots of changes to the basic platform – this was it for me – 107CR is now officially complete and I shoot it far better. Matt kmb147

Leather Holsters
June 6, 2013 — 2:12

7/29/2009 9:49:27 PM David Bullard at DM Bullard leather holsters, Very fair price, good work, wait time was only one month for me. Ordered in late late May had by the end of June. XavierSelf

Aimpoint Micro
June 6, 2013 — 2:09

I 4/15/2012 8:11:47 AMI am looking for opinions on whether I should go with the 2 or 4 moa on an Aimpoint Micro. I cant find a 2 moa Aimpoint Micro anywhere local to look at, so I would be ordering without seeing one. This will be for my DD m4 and will be my close quarters set up. My eyes are only getting older and worse with age. I am leaning towards the 4 moa for this reason. Anyone have both? I assume the 2 moa would be best for use with a 3x magnifier? Opinions and suggestions please. MRF54