Rifle Scopes
November 29, 2012 — 3:51

2/10/2011 1:04:00 PM I just went thru the process of selecting a 3 gun scope. I was using an Eotech. Our range has always had short range targes, so i didnt need more. They recently stated that we will be shooint out to 200 yards. I tried the eotec with a 3x magnifier. It seemed to work just fine, even out a few hundred yards. 1-4x would be fine. I ended up getting a Weaver 1-3x. The reasons were: it is lighter than all of the 30mm 1-4x scopes shorter than those scopes great glass true 1x. A little goggle eye at very close targets, within 5 feet. no batteries to screw with great eye relief. 3.5 inches YMMV the price is great. Usually under $200 i havent used it in a match yet, but i am confident it will do the job. The few times i practiced with it, i was happy. I will not be using any BUIS or a second red dot. The Rifle Scopes will be my only sights. Past 300 yards, this Rifle Scopes might not be ideal, but for 200 in, i should be good. good read Assaulter

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