Another mass shooting: Here we go again
September 20, 2013 — 21:01

Another mass shooting: Here we go again

About 30 years ago as a young reporter in Florida, I was assigned a series on gun control in response to gun violence, which had peaked in the United States in 1980.

Tired Guns

A few days after last year’s massacre at Newtown, Conn., we observed : “Every time one of these horrible shooting sprees occurs, countless voices in the media declaim that we need a debate on gun control, and the other side’s views are despicable, stupid and unworthy of consideration.”

Illinois Supreme Court Unanimously Confirms the Second Amendment Right to Carry Outside the Home

The gun ban lobby, along with many courts around the country, have thumbed their noses at the Supreme Court’s landmark decisions , which declared that the Second Amendment protects from local, state, or federal infringement a fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms, especially for self-defense.

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