Rifle Slings
November 29, 2012 — 3:37

The workmanship looks and feels top-notch and installation was easy. How easy was it? It took me longer to open the box than it took me to install them. Thank you! This is how I got mine. Plus you can get it even tighter by pulling on the strap after you run the “tab” all the way forward. Again, you can buy pads and add them to whatever rifle sling you choose. Here’s one example: [url/http://www.maxpedition.com/product/product_shoulderpad_15.htm You shouldn’t be wasting your time worrying about how it attaches, you should be looking at how the rifle sling actually works. What type of rifle sling are you looking for? Do you want the freedom of a single point or the control of a 3-point? Do you need it to be quickly adjustable so you can transition to your other shoulder? Do you work around water or in some type of environment where you might need to quickly get out of the rifle sling? These are the questions you should be asking. Do you have any plans to combine this with the Thorntail mounts? One side the light mount, one side the rifle sling mount? I don’t think I’d want my rifle sling mount that far out on the rail. JMHO. 1/19/2007 12:12:38 PM I do a lot of walking/hunting with my AR’s, and use a rifle sling similar to the one in the pic in ‘Combat_Divers’ post. designed to go over your right shoulder (if your a right handed shooter) I just throw it over my left shoulder and sweep the barrel around under my right arm, with the buttstock up agains my pack, then tighten the strap and it stays nicely, barrel down along my right side easily controlable through the brush ect.. and handy to get into use also. hope this helps Edit* sorry didnt see Unicorns post, same info. 05gpgt2

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